Online Fulfillment Houses? Resurrecting a dead question...
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Following up from a 5-year old question: Online Fulfillment houses?

In 2004, Matthowie posted a question here about online fulfillment houses, however all the links there are dead or outdated. 5 years later, a simple google search for online fulfillment brings up a plethora of results, most of which frankly seem a bit dodgy, so I thought I would ask the question again here, as I'd be surprised if there wasn't a business or two that has risen to the top in this field, specifically dealing with other small businesses who don't fit in the larger order bracket that most typical fulfillment houses deal with. Something like the North May Company looks about right, but I think they might only deal with Coudal products.

I'm basically looking for a US-based company to send a variety of products to (mostly paper-based goods, stationery, cards, books, etc) that I can sell online, and they pick, pack, and ship them out. Any hot tips? Thanks!
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I can't find it right now, but there was a post on here in the past year sometime asking the same question, but using different words.
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Can't help with specific links, but I believe another term for these is drop shippers.
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We've used Iron Mountain for this, in different jobs I've had. I don't know what the costs are, but they store stuff, and people can click "order" on your website and their info will magically be transmitted to Iron Mountain, which will then send them what they've ordered.
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I wasn't sure if you meant drop shipping, but if you have your own products you can use these fulfillment houses. You send them your products in bulk, and they pick, pack and ship them out as orders come in.

I have personally used Shipwire, but at the time there were customer service issues and the cost for our particular needs got too high.
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