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What software should I use for my own company in Canada?

I have just started working for myself. I will primarily be billing clients for my time and monitoring expenses. Occasionally, I may do a little buy/sell on the side. Can anyone recommend a software package that can make this easy and make sure I am keeping track of my tax money!?
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Do you want to monitor just the money from the software, or the hours and tasks too?
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just money.
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I've had a good experience with Freshbooks, an online invoicing service. It only does invoicing, but it does it well. Additionally, you can tie it to Google Checkout to allow clients to easily pay online with a credit card, which in my experience, drastically decreases the overall age of my Accounts Receivables.
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I would recommend you look at GnuCash and MoneyDance if you just want to track money. Both are double entry accounting packages that support splits, etc. Tax: not sure, have a go, both are free or have free trials.
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Seconding Freshbooks for invoicing, expense tracking, and tax tracking.
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Thirding Freshbooks, they also have a nice trouble-ticket system.
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I usually keep quiet about FreshBooks on AskMe because I work there, but I wanted to add that we're a Canadian company, too, if that makes for warm and fuzzies (and a Toronto one at that!).

"Billing for time and monitoring expenses" is as good a description of what FreshBooks does as any (plus rebilling expenses to clients if necessary, accepting payments through payment gateways or PayPal, handling estimates, reporting, a bunch of integrations...).
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thanks all. I will check out Freshbooks.
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