Dual monitors, but only want to use one
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I have a dual monitor set up--can I set my applications to only display their windows in one of my monitors?

I have two monitors: the one that's part of my iMac, and an extra widescreen one. The iMac works fine as a computer, but the monitor is heavily messed up (full of vertical colored lines) and it was cheaper to just attach the widescreen monitor and work only from that.

Since I can't work from the iMac screen (can't see anything on it), I'd like to restrict my applications to only open on the widescreen monitor. Most are pretty good at this, since that's where I put my Dock, but some graphics programs (particularly Gimp) like to sometimes through random windows (e.g. the color selector window) onto the other monitor, where they are difficult to find and move back to the widescreen monitor.

Is there a way to set my iMac to only use the single extra monitor (e.g. a program or script)? I've looked at these questions, but they didn't provide answers for my situation.
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Can you set the widescreen monitor to mirror your iMac display, and then adjust the resolution so that the widescreen monitor looks right?
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Ditto what suedehead said.
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