Selling your books in Los Angeles?
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Selling your books in Los Angeles?

I'm in the processes of moving and cannot take any books with me. I'd like to sell them to a used book store. I'm not looking for a lot, but a fair couple of bucks each would be nice.

Which bookstores in Los Angeles pay the best for buying books?
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Unless you have books that you could reasonably expect to be worth something (rare books, first editions, or those signed by a well known author), I would suggest that you simply donate them to the "Friends of the________Library" fill in the name of your local Public Library in the blank. These organizations collect donated books and have periodic sales to raise funds for additional needed library books and materials. You can get the name of your local library at

For the time and effort you would spend chasing all over trying to sell something, you wouldn't be making any money, so it's really better to do this. You will feel better and be doing a good thing.
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Used book stores are much harder to find than they were a few years ago. Where in Los Angeles are you? The Iliad in North Hollywood sometimes buys stuff.
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I had a lot of luck selling some books at Grands Bookstore in Glendale. They didn't pay exceptionally well (probably like $1-$5 a book for paperback and hardcovers of classics that I have duplicates of), but better than any other place I've heard in the LA area. Added bonus, it's really clean.
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I needed to get rid of books in LA recently, and I HIGHLY recommend BookMooch instead of selling them. You get a point for every book you send out, and you can spend your points for new books from other people as soon as you're moved and settled elsewhere.
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Response by poster: I've boughten a lot of books from Illiad and Brand Bookstore, was kind of deciding between the two. A buck or two is fine, but I know for a fact I can get more than pennies on the dollar.
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Bookfinger buys books if you have rare or out of print books. They are in L.A. (on phone so can't link to them right now, but you can find info at
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Vromans might do some buying, and the Brand bookshop will sometimes take used books. I just moved from L.A. a few months ago, and I found it really hard to offload any of my books, even to a public library. They seem to go in seasons/periods of buying and non-buying.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Took a small box down to the Iliad in North Hollywood, they gave me 30 for about half of it. Donated the rest, good deal to me. I'll probably take in one or two more boxes, donate the rest.
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