authorware for mac osx 10.5 troubleshooting
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Is there any way for me to successfully download Adobe's 'Macromedia Authorware' program to a Mac OSX 10.5 operating system? (Recently upgraded from 10.4.11....I think). I have tried several times, but when downloaded I click to open and end up with a text edit file. So not helpful to my school psychology experiments. I've heard there is an online version of this software, but when looking for it I keep getting taken to Adobe's download page over and over. Is there any way to simply downgrade and would this help? I am technologically clueless so the simplest terms possible would be very appreciated.
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Authorware was a program form making multimedia programs like you found on CD-ROMs in the Eighties. It was discontinued in the early Nineties. I'm pretty sure there was never a version that ran on OS X.
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