Where can our kids go Sunday afternoon while we drink?
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Finding a place to host Sunday afternoon childcare for 5-8 kids for a few hours in San Francisco, Oakland or Alameda?

I want to rent out my favorite bar in whole world for my birthday, have brunch with my friends, have tropical drinks.

The only issue? The bar is strictly 21+, even for private parties, and I as well as a few of my friends have kiddos.

The bar is in Alameda (Forbidden Island), many of the folks are coming from San Francisco, the kids are ages 18 months to 10 years.

There are drop-in daycare places in the South Bay and far off lands like Concord, but is there doesn't appear to be anything remotely near there.

I'd hire one or two babysitters for my house, but it's tiny as since I'm the one with the oldest kid, it's certainly not baby proof.

Any ideas, places or otherwise? I'd hate to pine for a Zombie or leave my friends with kids out of it.
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I know nothing about this place but it may be worth looking into.
Project Commotion
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Why leave your friends with children out, as opposed to letting everyone know it's 21+ so they'll need to find childcare? Maybe I'm missing something from your question, sorry.

(If you're paying, as I assume is the case if you're organizing it, friends should be willing to get babysitters if possible. And a week is enough notice, esp. for a Sunday afternoon.)
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Response by poster: While yes, I could tell them to leave their kids behind, but as a hostess, and someone who'd have to deal with finding her own childcare anyway, I'd love to take care of it. No one I know has a reliable babysitter -- including me.
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It's very thoughtful of you -- sorry if it sounded like I was dismissing your question in general, it was just the "leave my friends with kids out of it" part that confused me -- thought you meant you couldn't invite them at all if you couldn't arrange childcare. My bad.
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