Lightbox/Java Script question. Does the script automatically resize the vertical images?
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Lightbox/Java Script question. Does the script automatically resize the vertical images?

if you go to:

and go thru the photos, as soon as you get to verticals, they switch size. It's really jarring.

all are set to a height of 667px... verticals & horizontals alike, but it seems to resize the horizontals. to way smaller of a height.

can this be fixed or is lightbox capped at this size?

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Best answer: Hi, bostonhill. I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by "they switch size". You don't want to change the aspect ratio of vertically-oriented images. Lightbox is probably using the native size of the full-sized images, rather than anything you are trying impose via CSS - and that is a good thing.

I do see some other problems with the page, at least in Firefox 3.5. Are you sure you need to use Lightbox? You don't appear to be using the visual bells and whistles that Lightbox is associated with, and I suspect you're that over-complicating things.

Sorry to self-link, but I just wrote about this, and these are the links I have closest to hand. A simple alternative:

A simple CSS Gallery

If you really want the full Lightbox treatment with JavaScript and are okay with just using modern browsers:

Lightbox Style Effects without JavaScript

I hope these will help, but perhaps I'm misinterpreting something. I don't think you want to squish the full-size images, whatever their orientation. If you want to stick with the code you have, I'd suggest lowering the position of the thumbnails to accommodate the largest of the full-size images.
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