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There's been many podcast recommendation asks, but none have addressed what I am looking for...due to work restrictions, I need blogs that play or can be downloaded on their own site.

That is, my company blocks podcast aggregators like itunes, libsyn, podcast alley, etc. However, I have no problem playing podcasts that have a play/download link on their own blog or website (unless it's so popular, like TAL, that my work has found it that way and blocked it). What do I like? Comedy and humor first and foremost, but also sports (especially American), journalism issues...but really, anything with hosts that are either unfailingly funny or can make any topic interesting.
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Getting an iPod/mp3whatever and syncing to that when you are home would be best. But pretty much any podcast that gets aggregated into iTunes has its own page you can listen from. For comedy The Bugle is quite popular, You Look Nice Today, Never Not Funny, and Jordan Jesse Go are probably some of the most well known. Don't really follow sports myself, but I know there is Only A Game from NPR and tons of stuff from ESPN. I could recommend plenty more, but most have already been discussed here and without more specific genre information I would rather not just dump all my personal favorites in the thread.
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Try out The Sound of Young America. There are always great interviews with comedians and comedic writers.

Also, for more general interest and great interviews check out Q.

These two are staples for me.
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On the media streams MP3s from their website.
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Does your work block google reader? You can add the podcast feeds directly to Google Reader, and a little player will appear in each item to play your podcast. It's my preferred method of keeping track of podcasts. Also, Bill Simmons for sports, and Seven Second Delay and The Best Show for funny?
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Any RSS reader should work (technically, all a podcast is is an RSS feed that points to sound files.)

As for recommendations, take a look at the Podcast Awards page for some good ones.
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