Sharing RAW files to Flickr with PSE 8
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What's the best workflow for posting edited RAW files to Flickr from Photoshop Elements 8?

When I shoot and edit jpgs, I can select the images in the organizer and share them to Flickr quite easily. I've learned that as long as I manually select the thumbnails of the images I want from the organizer, then use the built-in Flickr sharing service, they get exported as I edited them. I've learned that if I select the *album* and then export, they end up on Flickr without my edits.

I want a similar workflow with RAW - edit images to my liking, then go back to the organizer, choose the images I want to share, and export to Flickr. Unfortunately, no matter how I select them, they end up on Flickr without the edits. Now, I know that the edits are being saved. In the organizer, they look how I want. It's when I tab over to Flickr that I see that they're in their original, ugly, straight-from-the-camera state.

I know I could save the edited images as jpgs and share the jpgs to Flickr, but I hate to clutter my PSE organizer with jpg copies of the same images - copies I'll never use for anything else again.

Please tell me there's a better way.
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This is a great source of information on RAW files. They are meant to be edited and adjusted, and they're not generally-readable files like jpeg or tiff, so you will always have to export your RAW files to something else before using them.

Think of this as a benefit rather than a hindrance, though - if you ever want to go back and make changes, you will always have the original available. (If you do want to avoid the extra step though, you could just shoot in jpeg instead.)
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Response by poster: PSE will export the RAW files to Flickr, so it's obviously automatically converting them to something on the way. I just want it to convert it with my edits intact, rather than the original version of the file.
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This is probably obvious and not what you're looking for - but it's possible you have to do a "save for web" first.
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