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Quickbooks filter: I semi accidently deleted a payroll check. The taxes have been paid. Quickbooks is making it difficult to restore the check. Help please.

While reconciling my bank statement it appeared there were two paychecks for the same amount. I deleted one of them only to have them both vanish. When I try to restore the check, a one time bonus Quickbooks wants to take all the taxes out although the taxes have already been paid and recorded. How do I restore the check and connect it with the taxes. I don't want to pay Intuits high fees for tech support in India. Thanks.
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I would be very surprised if tech support could help you anyway - this is more of an accounting question since at this point your books are out of whack. Yes, there are QB support techs who know accounting, but you have to really luck out, either by getting through to one of them on the first try or by getting escalated. I wouldn't make a potentially expensive call hoping for either of those contingencies.

If you have an accountant or bookkeeper, I would give them a call. I think this is a case where given that QB can be a little stubborn about things related to payroll and taxes, you might want to settle for making an adjusting entry in the general ledger just to record the amount of the check so that your balances are correct, and not even attempt to somehow reproduce the check with the correct tax linkages.

I am not an accountant or bookkeeper, though, and may not know what I'm talking about.
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