What model of Miele canister vacuum should I get?
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What model of Miele canister vacuum should I get? I've read a number of reviews, but nothing with enough detail to figure out what model would work best for us. We're in a 2-bedroom Manhattan apartment with hardwood floors and area rugs. I've been to Gracious Home to check out their selection and will probably purchase from there this weekend, unless someone else has a vendor to recommend.
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This is not a canister model, but I'll put in a plug for the Miele Art upright. It seems to have been discontinued, but can still be found for about $200 (they were closer to $600 when the model first came out). It's not suited for deep carpeting, but does very well on hardwood and typical area rugs. It's compact and quiet.

Downsides: The extension hose stored in the handle is short, and the nozzle small, so it's not great for use on furniture or elevated woodwork. The bags it takes are small, so they won't last long if you have a lot of pet hair floating around.
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The Polaris with the combination carpet/smooth floor tool will be fine for your needs as long as you don't have area rugs with really deep pile. We have the Carina (previous generation) and it does exceedingly well on our hardwood floors, tile, and area rugs, except for the wool rug we have in the living room. That particular rug has a deep, loopy pile and no vacuum cleaner I've ever tried -- including the Miele -- can get to the very base of the rug and suck up gritty dirt to my satisfaction. We usually turn the rug over and pound the dirt out, then vacuum it again.

When I was researching the various Miele canisters, it seemed that the base models were basically the same; the only difference was which floor tool they came with and the colors, of course. The plug is short, yes, but I think it has to be in order to retract properly into the machine. The first few times you use it, you'll forget about the short cord length and inevitably it will get yanked out of the wall; this isn't a big deal because the plug itself is made with a very strong metal, so it yanks out clean (without bending), so you just pop it back into the next outlet and keep going.

One thing I love about the Miele is how wonderfully quiet it is; I can vacuum practically my entire house on the lowest setting (rugs I turn up to high) and not wake anyone. Well, actually, the wheels clattering against the tile is kinda noisy, but it's such a quiet vacuum I can listen to music while it's being used. The HEPA filtration system is superb, which helps tremendously with our allergies, and the construction of the vacuum is top-notch. It handles everything I throw at it -- except the aforementioned deep pile wool rug -- and I anticipate it lasting a good many years. I only wish I'd bought it sooner because I've wasted at least a few thousand dollars over the years on the expensive, yet shoddily built vacuums that are sold at regular department stores.
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I'm in the market for a vacuum cleaner, too, and have been looking at Miele canisters. I hate this kind of research and have no advice as to model... just wanted to note that Mieles are stocked at Bed Bath & Beyond--so if you get those ubiquitous 20% off coupons, it might be worth checking there. If you don't get them, and want one, memail me and I'll send you one. :)
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Oh how I miss my mom's Miele White Star! We got it over 10 years ago so I don't know what models they make now exactly, but it is a great vacuum!
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