Health coverage in Canada aside from through work.
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Health coverage in Canada: I don't have coverage through my work. What options do I have as a low-income individual in my late 20's?

Every time I have to get a dental checkup or get an expensive prescription or think about getting mental health counseling or something else that isn't covered by OHIP I think to myself: I wonder if there is coverage that I could purchase or something that I would qualify for as a low income individual. Anybody have some good news?
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There's plenty of extra coverage options you can purchase, though none of it is priced according to income as far as I know.

You can also get free supplementary coverage if you ever return to post-secondary studies, through your student union.
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It seems to have disappeared, but I will repost my answer, because I believe it's legitimate, even if not entirely appropriate for your situation. Someone might find this thread later and be able to use it:

Check out Ontario's Trillium Drug Benefit if you have any regular, high cost prescriptions.
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Response by poster: For my own future records as well as for anyone else who finds this thread, before the comments disappeared in the crash there was mention of Ontario Blue Cross offering plans for purchase, as well as potential assistance for low income through the govt.
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I'm self employed, so no big company benefits for me either... I get supplemental insurance through Manulife.
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