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Looking for good fashion/style blogs with classic/chic/retro (especially 50s and 60s Mod) bent to inspire my personal clothing style and tell me where to shop for those types of clothing. (For a female.)

I'm looking for a good style blog with a bent toward retro and classic looks. I'm just getting into all this. I was inspired by Mad Men and it helps for me to have a "model" style to look after. I like classic clean lines, pencil and A-line skirts, fitted clothes, but also think that retro looks 50s/60s Mod are a lot of fun, as well as more hardcore "rock and roll" looks. I do browse through magazines for ideas, and bought the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, which has been EXTREMELY useful. Ideally, I'd find a couple of good blogs along those lines.

I am not so much interested in knowing what's coming off the runway and what's "in" right now so much as finding good blogs that will have plenty of photos/suggestions to inspire my style and will also point me in the right direction with regards to where to buy those sorts of things.

No peasant/bohemian bents--I can't pull it off.
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This isn't a blog, I'm afraid, but is an online clothing store that has a lot of pieces that you might be interested in.
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That's kind of my style wheelhouse too.

I've been enjoying If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger... and The Impossible Cool, which are both really photo blogs rather than fashion blogs but which hit where I live and get my brain in the right aesthetic. I also have Sea Of Shoes in my feed reader which is not really at all "how I dress" but gives me a lot of food for thought in terms of accessorizing, blending different aesthetics to come up with something totally new, and pushing the envelope on a day to day basis rather than just going all out for special occasions.

I have been reading A Dress A Day forever and while lately it's just been a lot of "Here's a cool vintage pattern envelope", it often makes me think "man, I need to keep my eyes peeled for a skirt like that" or "Dang, I gotta wear more orange".
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Best answer: This is an inspiring blog (to me!).
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Best answer: Ha, this was actually the subject of one of my only Metafilter FPPs. Out of the bloggers linked there the most 50s-influenced ones are Johanni, Casey, Fleur de Guerre, and The Freelancer.

For the 60s look, I actually recommend checking out old movies with pretty much anyone associated with Andy Warhol, i.e. Ciao! Manhattan featuring Edie Sedgewick. Halfway through those movies I always decide that I'm going to start wearing eight pairs of false eyelashes at once paired with a bubble helmet and a André Courrèges minidress.
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Oh, and where to buy; if you can afford it or access it, the Lisa Perry Boutique in NY has you covered on modern repros of 60s fashion design. There are a lot more indie labels that do repros of 50s clothing to support all the rockabilly girls, like What Katie Did, Stop Staring, etc.
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Best answer: I really enjoy The Sartorialist--lots of the fashion featured there is very retro without being too costumey.
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Sally Jane Vintage has some gorgeous stuff on feature, sadly lighter on shopping links though!
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One more that you might like: Already Pretty.
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