Where to find shochu in metro DC?
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Where can I buy Japanese shochu in the DC metro area, or drink it in Richmond?

I live in Richmond, and the Virginia ABC stores carry Korean soju, but no Japanese shochu that I can find, even on their special order list. To order something off the list from them, you have to buy a whole case, and that's a bit more of a commitment than I'm ready for.

Business takes me up to Northern Virginia quite often, though, so I was thinking I might have better luck with a non-monopoly liquor store in DC or Maryland. The ideal, location-wise, would be somewhere convenient to a Metro station or the chunk of 495 through Bethesda. I'd be willing to go out of my way if I have to, though.

Bonus points if anybody knows of a Japanese restaurant in Richmond that serves it, or some way of getting it from the ABC in non-bulk quantities.
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