Replacement power supply for external IDE enclosure?
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I lost the power supply for an external hard drive enclosure. What are the specs I need to know before heading off to Radio Shack for a replacement?

The enclosure is for 3.5" IDE. The branding appears to be Kingwin, but a quick search at Newegg doesn't bring up anything that looks like what I have. It's a cheap enclosure without any obvious model number on it. It's also a few years old, so it's probably a discontinued model.

In any case, the power seems to go from the external plug on the enclosure to the internal IDE Molex connector without any sort of intervening transformer.

Besides getting the plug to fit correctly, what kind of output voltage/amperage should I be looking for in a generic replacement from Radio Shack? I'm guessing 12V, 2A, but I'd like to confirm. This is in the US with 110V from the wall.
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Best answer: Can't give you an exact answer but I have an old Kingwin that I got from a local computer shop, and it's rated at 12 volts, 1.7 amps.
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