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Competent journalist with not-so-competent (yet) French skills, hoping to freelance in France. What non-traditional venues can I pursue?

I'm currently working in France as an English-language teacher. My training, though, is in journalism, and I'd like to keep up the writing while I'm here.

Besides pitching the usual travel/lifestyle pieces to media back home, are there any other ways in which my being in France or Europe might be an asset? Any types of publications or companies who would find it useful to have a freelance contact in France? If you'd rather not mention specific publications, etc., general tips would be much appreciated.

I have a decent amount of experience - worked as a reporter for a major daily for a few years, have done some work for radio, some travel/lifestyle/environmental writing, etc. (Am also an erstwhile poet/writer of fiction, if that helps. It rarely seems to, though.)

I know writers are a dime a dozen around these parts, so I'm curious if there are any unexplored (by me) venues outside of the realm of newspapers/magazines/news websites/etc. Different styles of writing would be fine, even if it's a little outside of my experience to date. High pay rates not required, though I'd rather not work for free unless it's a very good cause.

FYI, I've made contact with one English-language newspaper here and am planning more, but my French is pretty intermediate - good enough to get by on, but probably not strong enough to conduct an interview in French, for example. I'm working on that, but I suspect this will hold me back more often than not.
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