Ski slope between NYC + DC?
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Ski slope between NYC + DC?

I am trying to find a good skiing location between NYC and DC.

I am looking at this google map, but the listed slopes all have reviews saying "take the time to go up to the Poconos". I am trying to minimize the travel time for my friends coming from DC.

Can any of you speak towards these slopes (Blue Mountain, Spring Mountain, Roundtop)? Should I push for going to a place up in the Poconos?

Thanks for your time-
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Blue Mountain is about as good as anything else in the poconos. Spring Mountain is quite small and I've never heard of Roundtop.
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Sno Mountain - once known as Montage Mountain is alright. I'm not a big skiier or anything, but I've skiied (I can't spell) it and it was as decent as I know.
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Another possibility is Ski Liberty, outside of Gettysburg, PA. Not too convenient for you, but...
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If you are willing to travel farther, the best skiing on the east coast south of Vermont is snowshoe in West Virginia. Your best bet would be bus/train down to DC, then driving there with your friends.
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Loved Snowshoe when I went there last year. There's also Wisp near Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland, although it gets very crowded on the weekends. Its about a four hour drive from DC. The only other place I've been to near DC is Whitetail (a little over an hour), which also gets pretty crowded on the weekends. I can't speak for the places you listed. I just moved to PA and I'm itching to get out there and try them myself.
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I can third the rec for Snowshoe -- probably not super convenient for you, but I love it there.
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2nding Ski Liberty. Was fun night skiing there 34 years ago, when only the west side slopes were cut, on a high school trip from Silver Spring, MD.
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