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Off-grid international real estate

What are some areas of the world that would be great for off-grid living?

Some possible starting criteria:

* Access to water
* Arable land
* Alternative energy sources (wind, solar, water, etc.)
* Access to building supplies
* Access to transportation
* Access to communications
* Relatively inexpensive
* Secular westerner friendly
* Security
* Infrastructure
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Canada. I bet you could get a sweet geothermal going.

Also Iceland.
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I bet some Greek or Italian islands would fit the bill. You could do solar/tidal power and use a boat to get to places to buy supplies. Possibly some parts of southern Greenland.
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The whole state already runs on alternative energy (hydro). Lots of timber and stone available to build with, as well as experienced mud brick and rammed earth builders. Excellent communication system (high speed broadband rolling out all over the state), great food and lifestyle, secure, western, and relatively inexpensive for now (though it's getting popular with many international folk).

Alternatively, a share in a multiple occupancy say in Nimbin (lots of water, solar houses etc). In fact, anywhere in NSW would be good now due to the energy feed-in tariff (get paid for energy you make and add to the grid).
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Costa Rica gets close - asides from "relatively inexpensive" and "security" is somewhat going down the toilet, although it is safer than neighboring countries.

Know the laws before you make this move - especially importing goods and materials into the country. Few countries will let you walk in with your stuff and not want to charge you for it (its one method of ensuring companies build factories in those countries).
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Malawi might be nice but there isn't much infrastructure and you would be competing for land with subsistence farmers. If you don't need land to grow your own food you can build on the side of a mountain overlooking the lake, then you don't displace anybody and you can contribute to the local economy. It is worth looking into.
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