Refrigerate or parbake?
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Making yeast sticky buns for the staff tomorrow. Better torise once and refrigerate before baking tomorrow or to rise then par bake for a few minutes? Help please.
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If it were me doing it, I'd rise it tonight and stick it in the fridge (but not shape it into buns). if, when you check it tomorrow morning, it's deflated, punch it down and let it rise one more time before shaping and baking. Yeast breads always benefit from more risings than less.
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Alton Brown's overnight cinnamon rolls (similar to your sticky buns, I imagine) are risen once, refrigerated overnight, then proofed in the morning before baking. The result is quite tasty, if a bit time consuming in the morning.
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Do not par bake, fridging will give better results.

Par bake is tricky in that if you don't heat it up enough, the yeast is still active and will continue to interact overnight and leave your buns with a funny taste, and possibly shape when you finish the bake. Or, you overcook the buns, they dry out to much, you're left with chewy, bread-flavoured taffy instead of soft pillowy goodness.
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Yes, rise tonight once, but then it's your choice whether to make them into the rolls tonight or tomorrow. I think either would work. Agreed, do not par bake, fridging will be better.
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Seconding AB's cinnamon rolls. I have had great success with that recipe!
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