Will the Samsung Gravity2 work with the Fancyweb?
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Is the web browser in the Samsung Gravity2 capable of accessing Google Docs?

My wife and I are planning to switch our mobile plan to T-mobile. I've taken a look at their phone options and it appears that the Samsung Gravity 2 fits both of our needs. We use a lot of text messages, both between each other and with our friends and family, and the slide-out keyboard has gotten good reviews.

We're considering getting a data plan for my wife (only $10/mo because the Gravity2 isn't that smart of a phone). I know that she'd be able to do normal browsing with it, but I'm wondering if she'd be able to, for example, access our grocery list on Google Docs? Check her web-based email? I understand that it won't be as full-featured of a web client as an Iphone or the like, but how functional will it be?

Please talk to me as if I'm holding my computer's unplugged power cord in my hand and asking you why the machine won't turn on.
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You can access Google Docs in a read-only fashion in the web browser on so-called 'dumbphones'. For something short like a grocery list it's ok, but anything longer will be frustrating since Google Docs does a lot of pagination in their dumbphone interface.

As an aside, I recommend downloading Opera Mini and using that instead of whatever browser the phone comes with. It's better than any stock dumbphone browser I've ever used.
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I've been super-happy with the SkyFire browser on a Samsung i220, which is a blackberry-layout Windows mobile smartphone.

Quick google reveals that SkyFire runs on Symbian as well, and does pretty much everything: flash, Google Docs, Street View in Google Maps etc etc.

Which has been my impression: it feels like a full-on desktop browser. It's never going to be perfect on a small screen what with the zooming in and out, but it beats the pants off of everything else I've used including opera mini.
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