Cincinnati Mariage Proposal
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Cincinnati Filter: I need a good place to propose to my girlfriend.

I am in the process of building a reverse geocaching box (inspiration). Basically, it's a box that has a GPS module in it, and it will only open when it is taken to a certain location.

She lives in Cincinnati (I don't), and I plan on surprising her by driving up in a couple of weeks and giving her the box with a ring inside.
My problem is that I don't know where to make the final destination. It would need to be outside so that the
GPS module can get a signal.

So, my wise internet friends, at what outdoor location in Cincinnati should I propose to my girlfriend?
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Airport? After she opens the box (and presumably accepts) you can hop on a plane for someplace warm!
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Eden park?
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Perhaps atop Carew Tower, the tallest building in Cincy.
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Fountain Square?
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I proposed in Mt. Adams at the overlook of the downtown skyline (basically this view) on the pretense of taking a picture of the city. Its a quite nice view at night.
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Without knowing your girlfriend's interests or her favorite places in the city (does she have a friend/family member you can ask about that one? That would be cool, to propose in her favorite place), here are some places in the city:

Krohn Conservatory

There's an ice-skating rink in the winter on Fountain Square. Presumably it would still be open in a couple of weeks. Ah, I see it's open until Feb. 21.

Carew Tower

Eden Park

Alms Park

Ault Park

Mt. Echo Park

All the parks have really incredible views (the best being Mt. Echo) and most have sweet little pavillions or stone buildings that are fun to explore.

Outside of Cincinnati in Loveland is an actual castle on t.he Little Miami River, Chateau Laroche
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More obscurely, you could propose in the middle of the river on a purple bridge. The Cincinnati Zoo is also rather lovely.
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Oh yeah! The zoo and the Purple People Bridge! Also, the Museum Center building is very cool, if you're into art-deco architecture.
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As a sometimes-Cincinnati resident, I suggest having her find the box at the top of the Ault Park Pavilion, which is simply beautiful with the added bonus of it being a great place to host the wedding reception!
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Bridge-wise, all the bridges except I-71/75 and I-471 have pedestrian walkways all the way across. I highly recommend the view from the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge!
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Tyler Davidson Fountain
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Cincinnati Native, Mrs. Thabombsheltersmith, nth's Eden Park, Ault Park, The Zoo and Krohn Conservatory.
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The Krohn Conservatory is remarkably beautiful; it's a botanical garden with different rooms set up as different climates. Given the absence of large crowds/annoying visitors, it could be a lovely place for a proposal. The first thing that came to mind, however, and my preference if in this situation, would be to nth the suggestion of Eden Park. The weather at this time of year might be a bit off for that, unless you like winter landscapes?

I also love that mmascolino proposed at the Mt. Adams lookout at night. It really is a gorgeous (year-round) spot.
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Ok, so I have no practical info to offer up in response to your question. But I'd love to hear more about your device, and how things turned out when you finally pop the box/question.

What an awesome idea. Good luck to you!
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Hey guys. Sorry that I took so long to follow up. I was able to complete the box in time to drive up to Cincinnati. I decided to propose at Eden park near the Krohn Conservatory.

It turns out that my fiancee isn't that great with directions, let alone a device that only gives a distance. I ended up having to help her out to get to me. What's even better is that she was so excited when she saw me that she left the box in the car and ran immediately to me. Thankfully, I didn't actually put the ring in the box. Had she opened the box, she would have found a note telling her exactly where I was.

After she ran and hugged me, I got down on one knee and proposed. She said "yes"!

As far as the box goes, I underestimated the "creepy factor." I dropped the box off at the front desk of her apartment complex and had the doorman call her to tell her that she had a delivery. I didn't really think about the fact that this thing resembles a bomb. It was a bunch of electronic components thrown together in wooden box. She said she was thankful that it wasn't ticking.

Here's a picture of the box, and here's a picture of me proposing.

Thanks for all of your help, gang! I couldn't have done it without you.
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Aw, congratulations!!
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