Need help finding energy educational resources for K-12
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I am working towards developing an energy education for local schools in Northern California. Does anybody have any helpful resources or places I should look? Unfortunately, I don't have anything to narrow the search as this could encompass anything from k-12. Resources can include curriculum, print outs, science kits (within a reasonable budget), competitions, etc... Pretty much anything that would get kids interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Any and all help would be appreciated!
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Best answer: A New Zealand energy company made a Flash game related to energy issues called ElectroCity. It's accessible at . It's designed for classroom use (but fun enough that I've played it several *cough* dozen *cough* times).
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Best answer: Pacific Gas & Electric's Energenius program offers free K-8 classroom materials that include lesson plans about energy efficiency. Call the 800# on that link to plead your case if you aren't employed as a teacher: I got them to send me materials based on being a parent/PTA member.
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A few more:

the California Energy Commission's Energy Quest website. In addition to the website aimed at kids, it includes a bunch of further links to teacher resources.

and the US Department of Energy's Energy Kids website, also with teacher resources.
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Best answer: It's not education materials per se, but David Mackay's Without Hot Air has a lot of good, straightforward info about energy consumption, efficiency and renewables, and the entire book is available online for free. [He's pretty pro-nuclear, but even if you don't agree with that, there's a lot of useful stuff there.]
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