Sometimes a best friend doesn't cut it.
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I'm looking for a therapist in or around Fremont, Seattle, for my stubborn logical anxious picky wonderful best friend.

I've been living with my best friend for a few years now, and he's always struggled with anxiety, body image and health issues, and some pretty heavy self esteem problems. He's having a great deal of trouble finding his purpose and getting the motivation needed to really grow up, find a job and become a useful person.

Recently, his parents have stepped in, and instead of doing what he thought they might, which would be demanding he get a "real job" or get cut off from the substantial family funds, they've been excellent, kindly requesting that he find someone to talk to, get the therapy he seems to need, and offering to work with him to iron out his problems and ensure his happiness. The problem, of course, is that my best friend sees therapy as conceding defeat, and is so anxious about speaking to people on the phone for normal things that he'll never get around to contacting people for something like his mental health.

That's where I come in. I have my own problems, but I love my friend dearly and have the advantage of being local, unlike his parents. I'm absolutely happy to help him find someone, and get him to stick to appointments.

I don't really know where to start, having never done this for myself. He has health insurance, I believe Blue Cross Blue Shield, but money is really not a problem. The problem is finding someone that he can stand. My friend is extremely picky and judgmental, and despises people who are overly emotional. He's the antithesis of spiritual; if a therapist starts talking about souls he'll probably get up and leave. He likes things to feel logical; he's the kind of guy who plays EVE for the fun of making spreadsheets. At the same time he's not a sober serious guy, finding people who are to be quite taxing. So finding a therapist that can take the right tack with him will be difficult even in the best of situations - he's stubborn, knows it, and has admitted to seeing therapy as cheating.

The goal is to get him in a place where he's confident enough to work through his accumulated problems with never quite finishing his undergraduate degree so he can attend an artisanal baking program - bread is one of his enduring passions - come out of his shell a little and get him making his own friends, and really, give him the tools to be happy in life.

Sorry for making you guys read all of that. He doesn't have a car but he has zipcar membership, and isn't a huge fan of the bus. We live in Fremont and would LOVE to find a local therapist, but if you know the right person for him works on Mercer Island, that's worth a try.

Thanks for any information you might have. I'll be passing it on to my friend right away.
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