Java and Perl Refresher
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Been years since I've written any Perl or Java (Core/Swing/Servlets/JSP). Have an interview soon, where can I find a quick and thorough refresher?
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Learning Perl the Hard Way (free PDF, 69 pages) is a pretty good crash course for experienced programmers.
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The Perl documentation itself is very good. Look through perldelta for changes in recent versions (if you haven't used it since 5.005, there have been a lot of changes. If you're at least as current as 5.6, not so much.) Perltrap is a good review of Perl's many gotchas.

Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices is widely regarded as just that. And the Perl community has finally rallied around a particular OOP methodology (beyond blessed hashrefs): Moose. You should look at that and the other packages in Task::Kensho if the Perl shop with whom you're interviewing is an up-to-date kind of place.

Perl monks is the best programming community I know -- peruse Seekers of Perl Wisdom. Just about everything has been discussed at some point.

You're on your own for Java. Homey don't play that.
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For Java you could try running through some mock JSCP exam questions here. SCWDC here.
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