I would rather not burn it.
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What are your favorite clever and creative crafts made by upcycling paper?

While watching Hoarders I had a thought. I own a lot of dead trees, paper that is. And before the professional organizers and the 1 800 GOT JUNK guys show up and get me crying on camera, I'd like to find something to do with all of my excess paper. Websites and howtos are great, but if you could also point me to books or magazines which would address this topic, I'd be grateful for that as well. Thanks in advance everyone!
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I took a class in Papermaking and one of the more interesting things we had to do was make a container out of the paper slurry we had been using to make paper. Paper slurry = torn up paper and water blended together, sometimes with cotton linter or other additives. You squeeze excess water out of the slurry and apply it like paper mache to an object or force it into a mold and let it dry. I built some cool molds out of legos, but if you do some thing more than a few inches long, make sure it is a thousand percent dry before you remove the mold.

A shredder helps tear up lots of paper at once. If you don't like the color, you can paint it or course, but use primer as most paper soaks up paint.
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orange swan made a FPP about crafting with junk mail.
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Thin stuff like newsprint can be used to make some pretty neat lampshades. Obviously be careful about proximity to heat sources.

You can always crumple it up for padding in boxes instead of foam peanuts, etc.

Try decoupage and papier mache?
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I've made cool crafts out of magazine pages folded up...here are some images of similar stuff
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How about ornaments, trees, bunting, and bows?
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