What's a simple event management software package I can help my friend run?
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Software recommendations: Free event management software for a local event

I'm helping a friend out who runs a once-a-month event in Madison. He has played with Wordpress and eCalendar and other software, but he's not happy with anything he's finding. So he's called me. I think he needs an event management system, albeit a simple one.

What it should be is a simple software package that he can add events to. The user would see the next event (with lots of detail) as well as see that this isn't just a one-time thing, but a series of events. The focus should always be on the current/upcoming event.

Features he'd like are the ability for people to say that they are coming (and that could be public) and get email reminders if possible. This is closer to a local version of evite than anything, I guess.

I feel like I'm asking for something simple, but everything I find is way too big and "all-inclusive."

PHP-based software would be the best option, but I think we could be flexible for the right solution. Heck, even a recommendation on a good Wordpress plugin that does something like this would be great.

Any thoughts?


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Meetup.com not a viable option? Reinventing the wheel and all that...
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