Identify this geometric novelty toy
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What do you call those three-dimensional geometric novelties, consisting of eight cubes, joined to each other at one edge to form one large cube, whose pieces can be flipped around to display different images on the exterior of the large cube? What is the history of this delightful object? What are the geometric priniciples behind it?
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Since you're not talking about a Rubik's Cube, I can't visualize what you are tryint to describe. I feel visually stupid.
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Response by poster: It's a pretty low-tech item, PP. It's not a puzzle to be solved, but a thing to be played with. The ones I've seen are made of wood, with paper glued to the exteriors of the cubes. Usually, the big (composite) cube will have a different picture on each side, and as you flip the cubes around, the picture mixes up, then reforms. As you flip the pieces, they make a satisfying clicking sound. I'd love to be able to give you a link, but I can't find one, 'cause I don't what these things are called!
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.oOo. - I think Faze is talking about something like this...., sorry for the message of the cube, but it's the only one I knew about that would be fairly easy to find...
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He's not talking about a Rubik's Cube. I usually see these things around Christmas, and they're the aforementioned cubes, covered by paper, and attached by that paper to the other cubes. You fold them about for various pictures.

I have no idea what they're called.
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As everyone else said.
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Crap. Sorry, I totally misread that.
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Faze, I bet you would also love a Jacob's ladder if you've never played with one before.
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Response by poster: That's the thing -- what tux-he-do and trharlan came up with. Don't they have a name besides "eight-sided picture puzzle?"
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"Origami Cube" - mystery solved.
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Uhh.. in case nobody else looked at the PDF, and clicked the link.

More on the "Magic Cube"
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Oh! Got it. I don't have an answer, but I find them very cool; almost hypnotic in the seeming impossible way they fold.
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Since it's already solved....What I pictured until I truly read the question: the SOMA Cube
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