Boot Migration to a smaller SSD?
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How do I migrate my boot drive from a traditional hard drive to a *smaller* SSD drive?

I've got a 250GB spinning-disk-based drive for a boot drive. I've bought a 32GB SSD. I've gotten rid of enough bloat that there's only actually 21GB used on my system drive at the moment (basic properties dialog box says 60-something, but that's double-counting or triple-counting all the files in the winsxs folder; sequoiaview reports 20.7 GB used). My plan had been to boot up Knoppix and copy everything over, but the file manager in Knoppix choked.

Acronis will only "back up" the boot drive to a larger drive (as in, soemthing more than 250GB!)

Other info: Phenom II, 8GB, Vista 64, all scratch drives/page files/etc on other drives.
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Is there any particular reason you want to migrate instead of just doing a fresh installation? If you've cut down to 21GB you can just install the SSD, load your OS fresh, and copy whatever miscellaneous files you have from your existing hard drive if you need to.
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Have a look at SystemRescueCD. I've used it successfully in the past to create disk images and migrate them to other machines. It'll help you resize your partitions, etc. It's like Knoppix in that it's a live cd, but it one purpose-built for exactly what you describe.
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I'd be surprised if the machine would boot from the SSD just by moving files onto it, because the drivers needed for the SSD are most likely different. A reinstall of your OS is much more likely to produce a working system.
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Response by poster: Stubborn, I guess - I finally have the system humming along pretty well. All the presets in photoshop, firefox add-ons, etc.
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What about ghosting software provided either by your original HD manufacturer or the SSD manufacturer?
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Best answer: Apparently there is a way of making Acronis work:
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