Looking for a unique, comfortable chair for my office.
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Looking for a unique, comfortable chair for my office -- with a few odd requirements.

I'd like a chair or love seat-sized sofa for my office. This will be primarily used by one person at a time to sit on while watching TV or playing Xbox. If it holds two people, awesome, but not a requirement.

One caveat: My office is in the attic, and the stairway leading up to it is rather narrow -- about 24" wide. There are no other avenues to get furniture up into the office. Further, the space this chair or sofa would sit in is about 5' wide.

What are my options for a unique, comfortable chair/sofa for my office?

I've considered large bean bags (too expensive, not very durable) and a Papasan (not very comfortable, ugly).

Budget: <$200. Used is fine.
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You say you've considered large bean bags - did you check out the Sumo line? Yes, it's the high end of your range but I've heard excellent reviews from folks at Pax.
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Having just bought one for my own office, I am predisposed to recommend an Ikea POÄNG chair. Very comfortable, and stairwell width is a non issue if you assemble it in situ. The chair frame plus a basic cushion will run you $89. Foot stool frame + basic cushion is another $39, I think.
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This is a job for IKEA. No, seriously, this is what Ikea is all about - sorta comfortable, inexpensive, sorta cool furniture you can fit into little apartments. The site has a selection of armachairs and loveseats that arrive dis-assembled - bring the pieces up, and assemble in place.

They have the unassembled sizes of each item on the site, too... like this $250 loveseat, which comes in three packages, the widest of which is under a foot deep.
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Response by poster: Also: closest Ikea is a 7 hour drive.
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I've considered large bean bags (too expensive, not very durable)

I give you- The Fatboy.
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I know you discounted large bean bags as too expensive and not durable, but you'll find that Sumo bean bags durable and within your budget.

You could also look at Ikea. Since most of their stuff comes as flat-pack, there shouldn't be any problem getting it up the stairs. The POÄNG chair is very comfortable, well within your budget, and available online. You'll want to also get the the foot stool.
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I willl stab the next beanbag I see with a steak knife. One of my friends had a sumo and loved it but I never really got into it. No, instead I recommend that you look through Craigslist for a used wing chair. I got one of these almost at random when I moved recently and it was very comfortable for long-term use, accommodates several sitting positions, and is certainly unique. However: it probably won't hold two people. It will hold your cat, over your head, if you have one.

Whatever you do, if you're looking for something <$200, unique, without access to Ikea, Craigslist or thrift stores are probably your best bet.
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The Mini Mitt?

The BoomChair Electropod?
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