History of Liberation Theology
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Can anyone recommend a history of liberation theology?

I'm interested in learning more about liberation theology, but when I search for information on the topic, most of it seems to be aimed at people who are themselves Christians and might want to put it into practice in their ministry/spiritual life (e.g. here). I am not as interested in these DIY aspects, or the validity/universality of the theology per se, as I am in the historical context(s) and of political, social, and theological reactions to it. Sort of like a greatly expanded version of the "Reaction within the Catholic Church" and "Liberation theology in practice" section of the Wikipedia article, or the "Support and Opposition" and "The Magisterium of the Church" sections of this page. Can anyone recommend books or essays on this topic? Thanks!
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The best I know of is Justo Gonzalez's Christian Thought Revisited: Three Types of Theology. Gonzalez' Type C is liberation theology, although he'll use other and broader labels for it, and he makes the case that it is the oldest theological understanding, although it was eclipsed by A and B. It sets the modern resurgence of the liberation paradigm in its full historical context, and connects it to its ancient roots. Gonzalez is very readable, too, in my opinion.
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Best answer: Haven't read it myself, but I also just ran across the Cambridge Companion to Liberation Theology, which looks to be on target for you, too.
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The topic came up on another forum I use and someone there recommended the book by the Boffs that the piece at your last link is extracted from and also Deane William Ferm's Third World Liberation Theologies: An Introductory Survey. Not read either myself, I hasten to add.
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Response by poster: All these books look interesting and have gone on my list, but the Cambridge Companion seems to be the closest. Thanks!
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