Dog Boarding in Toronto
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A good place to board my dog in toronto?

I am going away for 4 days, and am trying to find a good place to board my 1 year old basset hound in Toronto. I am, of course, over protective and its gives me anxiety to think about leaving him anywhere for this many days..... so I would like to send him to a place that is recommended, or if anyone knows of place I should avoid...

Thanks for your help!
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It was a while ago now, but when I lived in Toronto, we used to take the family dog (many times over the years) to the Royal Pets Hotel near Barrie, which had really nice facilities compared to the ones that I saw in Toronto, and really lovely people running the place.
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Oh, Rebel's B'n'B! Canon and Kerri are awesome, I sent my dog there for three days over Christmas. They only have a couple dogs at a time (I think there were two including mine at Christmas), they stay in the house and are welcome on the furniture, and go out for plenty of walks. It's reasonably priced as well. They're by River and Dundas, so accessible by transit if you don't drive, but Canon will sometimes pick up and drop off.

I really can't recommend them enough -- I wouldn't send my dog anywhere else.
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Here is my friend's response - mine boards at Grandma's - but I trust her and I love her dog more than I love mine (both Bassets):

"What neighborhood does this basset live?

We have a couple of people we use, and other's that we researched.

A place we used is 'Let the Dogs Out'
Bonnie (416) 467-9515

She lives in a bungalow at Main/Danforth. In her living room she has
a very dog friendly L-shape sofa, and she also has a big back yard.
Plus, she's very nice. When we boarded Jed, she was also boarding a
basset named Darla, and both dogs were extremely content.

I also was in contact with a woman named Cheryl at

Cheryl has her own lab/basset cross and walks several bassets as
well. We never ended up using her, but we spoke a few times and she
seemed great.

I've heard very good things about Rover and Rover

We almost used her but she has strict policies about not picking up
on holidays - which didn't work for us. However - friends boarded
their adopted labradoodle and were thrilled."

So, I hope that helps. I'd offer to babysit in a pinch, but I'd like to keep my husband - and two Basset Hounds would end in d-i-v-o-r-c-e.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help!

Peagood, to answer your friends question we live in the King West neighbourhood, and as I am sure you understand its kinda nerve wracking to consider leaving the basset with anyone... such cheeky monkeys they are, so i really appreciate your response. It makes me rest a little easier to board with someone with direct basset experience. hahaha
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