How to re-home cats in Chicago?
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ChicagoFelineFilter: How to re-home cats in the Chicago area.

I'm looking for resources on how to re-home cats in the Chicago area. I have three cats which I have had since they were kittens. They are about six years old now. I am planning on making some lifestyle changes (different apartment, more travel) which will require me finding them new homes. I have so far had no luck finding any friends or family who are able to accommodate them.

Main questions are:

1) Has anyone had any luck placing cats with no-kill shelters? I have tried PAWS, but their waiting list seems to be miles long. I am aware of a few others like Felines Inc and Red Door, but I don't know much about their reputations.

2) Has anyone had success with any other methods of re-homing cats in Chicago? Message boards I'm unaware of? Tips and tricks for placing ads? I am open for your suggestions.

extra note: I am willing to split the cats up, if that matters. I think at least one of them would be happier in a one-cat household.
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I have no direct experience with cats -- rehomed or otherwise -- but many of the freecycle groups in this area permit listing of pets. Using freecycle would allow you to list whatever restrictions or requirements you have, and then to check out any potential owners for your cats.
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I would definitely try Craigslist. If my gf were more feline-friendly I'd offer to take one but unfortunately that isn't the case :(

Also, if PAWS is full, can they recommend other places that might not be? Also, it can't hurt to pass an email to your friends with some cute pictures and ask them to pass it on to anybody they know that might be interested.
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Orphans of the Storm is a great no-kill shelter out in Deerfield if you have a car and don't mind traveling just outside the city. I don't know anything about their policies on accepting new kitties, but we've gotten our last couple of cats there and have always had a really good experience. It's one of those shelters that has a giant playroom for all the cats, so they're not stuck in cages.
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I know they're focused on strays and injured cats, but it can't hurt to give Tree House Humane Society a call.

Regarding their reputation, the facilities are clean and the cats are well loved and cared for. I have heard rumors of a long-ago controversy where as a no-kill shelter they refused to put down an injured cat that arguably would have been better off euthanasized. Again, I'm not even sure if they take cats in your situation, but if the cats are in good health I would not worry about this.
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I have seen Craigslist work really well a few times. It helps if you have pictures and a detailed description of what the kitties are like. It will melt people's heart to see how much you care for them and the information will ensure that their behaviour will fit into their new family.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help so far - you've given me a few places I didn't know about. Unfortunately most shelters I have contacted are not accepting new cats at the moment. So off to craigslist I go.
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A word of warning about craigslist, though: I was told to make sure you ask some kind of non-nominal price ($20-50, say) or else you're likely to "bring out the crazies," people who have no intention of providing a good home to your cats. (I have no idea how true it is.)
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