What is this peculiar hook-like object?
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Can you help me identify this object?

A friend of mine was recently given it as a gift (from a work colleague) along with a snarky comment that if "you need any help working out what it is just ask me". The underside of the jewelled section is padded rubber, and the "hook" section rotates, which has made me think that it is possibly a hook designed to hang off a shelf (like this if you'll excuse my crude mspaint representation). While that explanation seems semi-logical (looking at the thing) it seems like a bizarre device. Have you ever seen one of these things before? If so what was it actually for?
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Best answer: Purse hook. When you go to a restaurant or bar, it goes on the edge of the table and keeps your handbag off the ground.
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Best answer: I think it is a purse hook. You place the weighted jewel part on the table, letting the hook hang over the edge and hang your purse on it.
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Best answer: That is a purse hook. It's to put on the table at a restaurant and hang your purse from, so it's not on the floor or your lap or hanging off the back of your chair where someone could easily snatch it.
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Best answer: It's a purse hook/hanger
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Response by poster: A purse hook! Yet another triumph of the hive mind, thanks so much!
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Funny, looked like apiercing--belly button probably-- to me.
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(Re: Piercing.) Well, it was hard to figure out the scale from the photo.
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It's so embarrassing to know what that is! It's only because I worked at The Container Store one year when they sold them. I had to pretend that those things were actually more useful than, say, the back of a chair.
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They actually are more useful than the back of a chair.

Not all restaurants have chairs with square backs. Restaurants with narrow aisles can mean your purse is in the way. Putting your purse on the back of your chair means having it behind you, where it's easily picked.
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