Tell me about your tiny GSM phone
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What's a great small GSM phone?

My trusty old T-219 is pretty beat up and needs a new battery, so I figure it's time for a new phone. I mostly make short calls and send simple text messages, so I'm really just looking for something that's comfortable in my pocket.

My requirements (in approximate priority order):
  • GSM (T-Mobile prepaid in the USA if it matters)
  • Small (thickness is the most important dimension)
  • T9 text messaging
  • Under $200, but let's aim for less?
If it has a camera or video recording or bluetooth or MP3 playback or a jetpack that's fine, I just don't care. A qwerty keyboard is a dealbreaker, though - anything big enough to type on is too big for my pocket.
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The Nokia 1202 is going for $50-60 on eBay. It's like, a BASIC phone, no frills at all. 13.1mm thick.
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The Nokia 5130 and it's slightly older but similar cousin the 5310 is about as thin as you're getting in the real world. Pretty nice phone in general as well.
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What if there were a site that rated all of the GSM phones, and was searchable on a variety of criteria?
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Is there anything similar (small & cheap) to the above but with bluetooth?
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Motorola F3 is only 9mm thick (0.35 inches). $25. I love mine, but I rarely use the awkward SMS.
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I've enjoyed my Sony Ericsson S500i. It's good-looking, pretty simple and 14mm thick. You can buy them unlocked for about $130.
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The Samsung Trace is really really thin.
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I'm fond of my Motorola RAZR, a.k.a. The "It" Phone Of 2004.

The specs I found say it's 98 x 53 x 13.9 mm, and weighs 95 grams. I see that they offer them in a T-Mobile prepaid version, and that you can buy one at a certain Evil Megastore for $97.66.

It fits nicely in my pocket, camera quality is acceptable to me, and I like the sound and feel of the "snap" when you shut it.
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The Panasonic GD55 is tiny, like how everyone in 2000 thought cell phones would be in the future. Since then the world has moved on to wanting thin phones with a big screen and keyboard, but the keypad is surprisingly good on the GD55. The one built in game is great too.
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I have an unlocked quad-band Moto v195 that I can't kill. Amazing battery life too. And no camera!
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Googling "smallest GSM cellphone" brings up this. Looks like they sell for about $179 (unlocked) on ebay.
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Oh and then there's this cellphone watch, but i don't know if it's for sale anywhere.
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I used to have this Pantech. It was an OK phone, real small.
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