Places like Sea Ranch?
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What places are like Sea Ranch?

Mrs. Samoza and I spent three nights in gorgeous Sea Ranch, CA over the holidays. It made us think if there were other places comparable to it -- not necessarily in the legal structure of the place, but an area where stunning architecture melds so perfectly with nature. Ideally, these would be places where it is easy and comparably affordable to rent short-term. Any ideas?
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For those unfamiliar with Sea Ranch: wikipedia; photos. (We were there for a few days ourselves after Xmas - maybe we saw you walking along the bluffs!) Unfortunately, I can't think of a place like this, although there must be some.
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Seaside, Florida is another example. While the feel and inspiration is completely different than Sea Ranch, the idea of the town is similar to what you are asking about. It was a planned town (as opposed to residential community) where famous architects were invited to design homes as both permanent residences and vacation rentals. It has a "by-gone era" vibe with quaintness turned up to 11. That said, I have several friends who have stayed there and they absolutely loved it despite occasionally feeling like they were in The Truman Show.
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Lincoln, MA isn't really a vacation town, but it is gorgeous, and it loves its organic modern architecture like no one's business.
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It's not quite the same, but how about Portmeirion, Wales.
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New Harmony, Indiana. Some may disagree...
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The cottages at the Colorado Chautauqua aren't stunning architecturally, but they are so integrated with the time (1890s) and purpose (gatherings for summer lectures and concerts) for which they were built that they have an architectural value. A little history.
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If you are looking for the east coast there are cottages on the Cape Cod National Seashore. 1940's era modernist style. Some in serious need of an update but they have a kitschy feel to them. Website for rentals. There are also the Provincetown Dune Shacks. info here. These are classic Cape Cod style shacks/cottages. You have to apply to rent them with priority going to artists.
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Response by poster: Great ideas so far guys. Thanks!
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