Corporate business records in France?
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Corporate Business Records in France [MI]

I'm trying to figure out who owns a particular company in France. In the US, it's usually handled by the Secretary of State for a particular State. Usually it's easy to go to the Secretary of State Web site to search for the "Registered Agent" who handled registering the corporation, asa well as the Board of Directors for the company...and some sort of address.

Any ideas how this is handled in France? What it's called? Is it done by region or at the national level?
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Try Euridile. Click 'Acces Visiteurs' and you'll get a search form.

I'm not really familiar with it myself, but apparently it is the French equivalent of 'Companies House' in the UK, which is where us Brits go to register companies.
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You could also try your luck at société.com.
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