RSI specialists in Brisbane Australia?
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RSI specialists in Brisbane Australia? Specifically looking for advice with regard to wrist, forearm and finger pain (also back and neck).

GP(s) proving not much help. The only acupuncturist I saw may even have made things worse. (Though I'd happily see another if anyone knew any good ones.) I work in a pretty full-on computing services environment and play piano moderately seriously so maybe it was inevitable; but without the two I'm going to be... lost... to say the least, so am looking for some good advice fast. Seeing a chiropractor tomorrow but does anyone know of any specialists around town who are total shining stars with this sort of thing?
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It's a controversial area. But... in Australia, physiotherapists have higher entry requirements to university and more stringent/rigorous levels of education. I'd suggest you go to a physio INSTEAD of a chiropractor.
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I've just mefi'd you my physio god's email.
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Response by poster: Y'know I could've sworn on the phone today he said "chiropractor", but, huh, just checked and his website says "physiotherapist" after all!

Physio god, though, eh? That's hard to pass up! :) Thank you!
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