Help me find a hot vacation spot for my thrifty 60 something Victoria, BC parents
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Help me find a hot vacation spot for my thrifty 60 something Canadian parents

My parents live in Victoria, BC and haven't been anywhere hot in a long time. They announced they would like to go somewhere next month, and all the kids are shocked and excited for them! However, they are on a tight budget. Can you help me guide them towards an appropriate trip?

I have seen this question.

They have 1 week in Febuary
They only speak English
They are not foodies
Enjoy nature, but adventure trips are out

Mom - likes hikes, museums, ruins, the beach.
Dad - likes fishing, kayaking, golf, really hates crowds, likes to sit around and be mellow.

They don't have a ton of money, so the obvious deal would be an all inclusive, but they don't want to get trapped anywhere swarming with tourists. They are South African, so have some adventure in them, but aren't in the physical shape to do anything too strenuous.

Can you suggest an area of Mexico or Hawaii (or anywhere else a cheap flight from BC?) that might be appropriate for them?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Well obviously Hawaii is going to be wicked expensive with the exchange rate. How about Costa Rica? Flights are reasonable, it's more westernized than Mexico, beaches and golf on the Pacific coast and national parks all over the place.
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In Mexico, flights to Cabo San Lucas can be relatively cheap from Vancouver (try WestJet!), as it's a quick 2 hour flight straight down the coast. I just (well, in September) came back from the Riu Santa Fe all-inclusive resort there, and it was awesome for what we paid (less than $1000 each for the week). I'm not sure how crowded it'd be now though -- when were there it was their low season, and the few people there appeared to be mostly Canadian with the odd American thrown in for diversity. :S Cabo is definitely very very touristy. But if you just want to eat a lot of decent mediocre food and lounge in the sun and take the odd side trip to see cool parts of Cabo, it'd be a good option.
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If you look into cruises, look for ones that depart from B.C., that'll save them the money that would have gone to airfare.

My mom, sister, and I did a cruise in September that went from L.A. to Catalina Island, San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico. We had a blast. We got off the boat at all the stops, but I could have skipped Mexico and been perfectly happy. Maybe a San Fransisco or L.A. cruise?
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FYI - an all inclusive marketed to folks 50+ in Mexico worked out great for them!
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