Proper care of a lefse grill
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How do I properly take care of my new lefse grill?

I just got a new lefse grill for Christmas, and I don't know how to properly maintain it! It is an all aluminum grill that goes up to 500degrees. I heard that it is best NOT to cook anything oily or fatty like bacon or eggs, or fry anything in oil as this will ruin the surface for cooking lefse or tortillas. However, does this extend to things with just a bit of oil, like certain kinds of pancakes? Are there any tips to prolong the surface?
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Best answer: I do not own a lefse grill, but there is nothing particular that distinguishes lefse from other flatbreads in particular. You probably don't want to cook much other than tortillas, flatbread or lefse up at 500 degrees, but I can't imagine that you couldn't use it as you would any other aluminum pan. Acids in particular will do damage to it. You live in lefse territory so a quick call to either the store you bought it from in E town, or to another store would confirm. The owners of this store which sells lefse grills are my neighbours and I'm sure they would help you out.
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Best answer: I have made lefse on similar grills that you have.

First of all, I'm jealous - I'd love one to make my own lefse!

Second, the lefse we make requires no oil at all on the grill itself. The lefse is light enough that it cooks without sticking. To clean it, we just brush off the extra flour, then wash it off with water. Personally, I'd just use it to cook flatbreads that don't require oil, like lefse and tortillas.
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