Paintball Filter: Anybody know of a website that can tell me how much a 2001 Autococker would be worth nowadays?
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I'm looking to sell a 2001 Autococker with several upgrades, but haven't been able to find any such sales for my particular model to reference the price. Anybody know how much these would go for or know of a website that is sort of a "blue book" for paintball marker values?
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have you checked "completed listings" in ebay? That's a pretty good marker for what anything is worth. You need to be logged in to ebay, then click "completed listings" it's on the left hand sidebar.
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Just to clarify, once you are logged in, do an advanced search and tick the "completed listing" option. Although eBay says the completed listing search will only give you sales in the past 15 days.
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Just curious, what kind of prices are you seeing? A friend of mine has a mini cocker serial # in the 700s.
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yep that's right.

15 days is usually good for most items, as long as it's something that's not super rare. At least in my experience. Since there are the greatest number of lookers and bidders for somewhat common items on ebay, you can get a pretty good idea what an item will go for.
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