Knock-knock. Who's there? I don't know!
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Does this variation of rummy does my family play when we get together have a name, or is it just some variation that only my family plays?

While I was at my aunt and uncle's house for New Years, a card game broke out, as it always does at family gatherings. Sometimes we'll play poker, but generally we play rummy. I'm wondering what the name of this variation is, though, as I'd like to see if there's an iPhone version I could download. (I've asked different family members, but they aren't sure exactly what it's called.)

Here's the way a game is played:

Two to four players. If it's two or three players, each person gets seven cards; if it's four we almost always play six cards to a hand. The person to the left of the dealer goes first--he or she picks up a card and then discards one. Play continues counterclockwise.

As in any other kind of rummy, you're looking to gets either cards of the same suit in sequence or three/four of a kind. You can also knock at any point before you draw a card, and whoever has the lowest number excluding runs would win that hand. (In the case of a tie, the person who knocked would win.)

Winnings are earned as follows:
-A successful knock wins you a quarter from each player; an unsuccessful knock means you have to pay the person who's got the lowest hand for everyone else. (If it's three people, you pay 50 cents; if it's four, 75 cents.)
-Having two runs (whether three/four cards in sequence, three/four of a kind, or some combination of the two) means you get two quarters from everyone.
-A straight rummy nets you a dollar from each person, as well as lewd comments about the farm animal you enjoy the most and/or violence threatened.

The closest thing I've been able to find is that this is some amalgamation of gin rummy and knock rummy, but since neither one of those is exactly right, I'm wondering if there isn't an actual name for this variation. Anyone know?
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Best answer: Sounds like "Knock Rummy"
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Ok... apparently I can't read... can you clarify why you don't think this is just knock rummy?
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It sounds like Tonk to me.
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And here's the wikipedia article.
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Response by poster: Jahaza: " can you clarify why you don't think this is just knock rummy?"

Hey, you know what, I guess maybe it is knock rummy. It was just the scoring that was throwing me off.

The more you know...
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