Biathlon for beginners
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I live in East Thetford, Vermont. I've never shot a gun or cross-country skied. How do I become a biathlete? Does one take lessons?
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Sure! Take lessons! I took lessons at Stevens pass nordic center (Washington state). Google "vermont biathlon lessons" and give it a shot (hee hee). But seriously, here in Washington you can even rent a biathlon rifle, so you don't have to sign up for life. I'm sure that you can rent skis locally too.

You might want to try XC skiing first, then biathlon next season...
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My brother worked at EMS in South Burlington and I know they used to coordinate classes and have equipment there.
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I just popped in to say that I LOVE Thetford and and am really bummed Thetford Hill State Park closed.
EMS is probably you're best option, but LLBean in Lebanon might have some info.
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