Pls help me get the Ubuntu netbook remix installer in Antigua de Guatemala
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Is there someone near Antigua de Guatemala than can help me get the Ubuntu netbook remix installer on a USB drive?

I've tried downloading it and burning to CD, but I can't get the USB creator to work. I also can't install from CD. I think I can install from usb, as someone lent me an old version that works.

Do you know a computer shop familiar with Ubuntu or competent enough to understand how to do it?

Or can you help me out? I can pay reasonable expenses to have a working installer on usb.
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Use Unetbootin. All you need is the downloaded disk image and a usb key.

Instructions assume you are running WIndows.
0. Plug in your usb drive
1. DOwnload the program and run it.
2. Select the Diskimage radio box
3. Click the box with "..." and browse to the downloaded Ubuntu iso file.
4. Make sure the correct USB drive is selected at the bottom.
5. Click OK.
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I've found it a bit of a pain in the past. I always seem to have more luck with expensive media (camera flash cards etc) than cheapo USB sticks. BTW, you can also use ordinary ubuntu on netbooks with no problem (I only mention this because I can't stand the NBR interface and vastly prefer the original).
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I can send you a USB or cd from Mexico City, however I'm not sure if the shipping expenses would be too expensive. I can ask for a quote, Mefimail me if you are interested.
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Response by poster: Thanks CPH, problem is I'm actually using ubuntu eee - the first version I think - and I can't mount the USB's gonna be a pain to troubleshoot.

Do you think ordinary 'buntu would install from CD better? I have access to an external CD drive.
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The standard Ubuntu install disk includes a live CD, with a USB creator on it. Is that what you used? I used that to set up a bootable USB drive to install Ubuntu on my eee pc.

I was also able to install from a burned CD by plugging in a USB DVD drive.
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And when I say the USB creator on the live CD, I mean boot the live CD on another computer, and use the USB creator (System-->Administration-->Create a USB startup disk) in Ubuntu - as opposed to creating the bootable USB drive in Windows.
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Response by poster: Mike1024 I tried both of those things with netbook remix 9.04, but not with the normal version.
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The Ubuntu community help has a page on mounting USB drives, including a troubleshooting guide. Most, if not all, of it should also apply to Ubuntu Eee.

If you’re still stuck, you could try asking on the Ubuntu Guatemala mailing list or Web forum. Maybe someone near Antigua Guatemala can prepare the USB stick for you.

As far as I know, the Ubuntu installer and the USB startup disk creator both work just as well in Ubuntu Netbook Remix as they do in Ubuntu standard.
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Well, I've used the 9.04 'Create a USB startup disk' utility to create a working 9.10 USB bootable install disk, using a 9.10 ISO and a USB hard drive.

Can you be any more specific about what problem you're having? Do you get error messages while creating the USB startup disk, or does the process succeed but you can't get the eee to boot the disk you get at the end of it?
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Response by poster: The netbook is an Acer aspire one. I was trying to use 9.04 netbook remix to create a 9.04 usb disk. I can't remember what the exact message was...some error code I think. This happened on several computers.

I also tried to install from the CD with a external drive and got 'could not install' or similar.

Thanks btw.
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Response by poster: Thanks for thoughts. I will try and get the use of a windows pc foe netbootin, or failing that will ask someone. Cheers.
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Unetbootin has a linux version as well, but considering your usb mounting issues, I'm not sure how usefull it's going to be.
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