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How should I photograph my soon-to-be-shrinking bod for best results in animated GIF? This is not a technical question but an aesthetic one.

So I'm doing a blog, because there is no doubt in my mind that this is it, this is my successful journey to permanent weight loss. Today I'm taking start pictures, Front, Side and Rear. I'll set them up in a template in Photoshop so each week I have a new image and I'll create an animated GIF over time so after a couple of months, you* will see the incredible shrinking woman. This, along with my experiences, graphic representation (little arty cartoons, motivational desktop images of fruit & vegetables and so on), my successes and set backs, and my incredible sense of humour will lead my blog (as yet unnamed) to be one of THE weight loss destinations of 2010 (and therefore the perfect vehicle to monetize via weight loss ads).

So here's the thing
1. Black strip across the gorey bits (like hiding an identity but a bit lower) or wear my ugly undergarments?**
2. Any other idea on presentation of the bod blog?
3. What to call it? The blog?

* When I say "you" I don't mean "you". I mean, like I'd be showing you all my wobbly bits? C'mon! Plus that'd be self-linking.
** On the pro side completely nude with black strips does mean honesty, and no difficulties matching underwear, but on the con side, unfortunately even less flattering because the girls without support are in a different place, if you know what i mean.
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I'd opt for undies and bra, at a minimum. Honesty doesn't require complete nudity; folks can see that there's shrinking happening even if the girls are well-supported. Perhaps even bike shorts and a tight tank top, things that you could keep wearing until they are loose (thus showing the loss in another manner, as well).

Plus, really, do you want nude photos of yourself on the net? Even nude photos with the censor-bar on the delicate bits? I wouldn't, but then I'm a little prudish about nakedness (my own, at least).
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Great idea! I think undergarments. Or -- do you have anything stretchy? That would hug your body? I'm thinking like the way bicycle shorts do. Like some kind of stretchy bottom and then something stretchy on top. That might create a line that would work well with the GIF.
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Bathing suit.
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If you haven't seen this, it's a good example of the form. The wacky boxers are part of its charm, I think.
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Pose in a form-fitting t-shirt with the name of your blog, for further publicity when your animated gif goes viral.
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Or a shirt with the number of pounds lost so far written on it in masking tape or something.
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Go with a sports bra and stretchy shorts (not bike shorts, which usually have butt-padding).
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I vote for sports bra with cycle shorts or boy shorts, like this.
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This site provides and example where the person is fully clothed - I don't think the clothes get in the way of seeing the transformation. She also provides a tutorial on how she created the images. Scroll down below the video to see the individual images.
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I vote for sports bra with cycle shorts or boy shorts, like this.

This was my thought, too. Experiment with colors -- sometimes in grainy web photos, the details in black clothes get lost, for example. And when you are thinking about flattering, consider what will be flattering now, and what will be flattering when you lose all that weight.

And even if your day to day photos on your blog are of you wearing, say, a t-shirt and shorts, maybe you could also be taking alternative photos every day -- nude, clothed, etc -- that you could use later in montages or for illustrating particular things.
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I've lost 100lbs in the past year and I've taken all my progress pictures clothed (save for a pair of before pictures in my skivvies). I sort of wish I'd taken them in a black sports bra and bike shorts, but the clothing doesn't really stop you from seeing the loss. However, it would probably be more profound/interesting/visible/whatever if the clothes were all the same.

Even without the blog it's such a good idea to take pictures, seriously. When I look in the mirror I don't feel like I've changed that much. But when I look at the pictures? It's shocking.
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I was just about to paste the link and realized orsonet beat me to the punch. You do that think and it will be super badass.
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You might want to consider taking pictures both clothed and in bra/shorts, because then you will be able to decide later which set you want to use (you might decide that one is much more flattering than the other). Obviously that will be much more hassle though.
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i like what robyn of did, as seen here.

i think it's really amazing how the clothes didn't even fit at first and then became way too big.

good luck!
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I'm not a big fan of before/after nude or underwear pics, from a "wow, impressive change" point of view. The astonishing thing to me, in friends that have lost a lot of weight, is how they look in their clothes, and what kinds of clothing make them look good.

I think it would be interesting to make a series (maybe monthly, or twice a month) where you get dressed up as hot as you can - really knock-em-out WOW look-at-that-chick. The change from muu-muus to lulu lemon over time is more illustrative, to me, than the more graphic nudie shots.

Or maybe do both. I'm with the stretchy shorts and sports bra rather than nude thing, though. The areas of big change are going to be sides, abs, arms, etc. anyway. No need to show off 'the girls' unless you really want to.
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I think that gym shorts and a tight t shirt or tank shirt would be best. Nobody (but pervs, I guess) really wants to look at people semi nude online when they are looking for weight loss tips.
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I think it could be really interesting to take a daily photo in whatever you happen to be wearing that day (in the same pose and location, and perhaps the same time of day -- just make it part of your routine). That would make for a very cool high-temporal-resolution flipbook, and might (?) be unprecedented as far as weight loss tracking photos go.

It could also help if you get discouraged because it might do a better job of showing subtle but present body changes over, say, a period of a week or two.

You could do this in a sportsbra+shorts uniform for consistency, but that seems like a bit of a pain in the ass to do daily. Wearing your normal clothes could have an equally cool, albeit slightly different, effect, and doesn't seem discouragingly inconvenient.

Alternatively, you could snap the daily photo in whatever underwear you happen to be wearing that day. (Or naked for your own reference.) Still not too inconvenient if you add it to the part of your routine where you're in underwear or naked.

Actually, this reminds me of a combination of those daily-photo projects/blogs, and a backward version of "The Fat Project" from The Spark of the olden days, now archived at OKCupid, here. (You can see all of the pictures in sequence using picleecher: [possibly NSFW; folks are wearing just underwear] Nicole; Eric. No animated version, though.)
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I'm all for showing the actual body as opposed to clothed, but I'd go with a black string bikini instead of can tie it as tightly as necessary to support your breasts for the photo, and it adjusts as you lose weight, so the focus is on the body and not what you're wearing. And if you really lose a ton of weight, you should be able to get a smaller black string bikini and carry on with the same look.
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