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Help me figure out what super-inexpensive (say, $5 or $6) and inexpensive (under $15) wines, and what decent ground coffees, are available at grocery stores in Orlando.

We'll be vacationing at Walt Disney World next week, and will be staying in a Villa with a full kitchen. We will be on-site, and are not renting a car, so are taking advantage of the WeGoShop grocery delivery service, of which I've read good reviews. I'm compiling our shopping list, and am happy with store brand, cheapest available, in lots of categories. Not so much in wine and coffee. For an everyday bottle, my mom likes Lindemans Bin 65, available here in Oregon for six bucks or so. I like some of the Yellowtail reds in the same price range. Are those wines available at, say, Albertsons in Florida? If not, what decent wines would you suggest in that price range. And we'd also like to pick up a few bottles of something nicer, probably a red-big and fruity, like a Cab or Syrah. Any suggestions?

I normally grind my own coffee, so am not familiar with what's good in the ground beans. I've read recommendations for Dunkin' Donuts and MJB Hawaiian Blend. Are those available in Florida? If not, recommendations, please!

And anyone know if the Albertsons nearest WDW has a liquor store attached?
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Is there any chance you can run out and buy a small cheap grinder like this with you? I use one of those as a travel grinder whenever I travel for more than a few days. I don't travel to FL so I can't tell you what brand of beans to buy, but most vacuum packed beans should do you fine.

Either way I would suggest avoiding the Dunkin' Donuts beans/ground coffee. As a coffee snob I find it very unpleasant.
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There are two Vons grocery stores close to WDW and two Super Walmarts as well. The Vons on Central Florida Parkway is one exit north on I-4 from Disney. Follow the signs to SeaWorld and keep going on CFP a couple more lights.

Vons carries a fairly sizable selection of wines and your standard selection of coffee beans (Starbucks, Seattle, and the like). There's also a small beer and wine store in the same strip mall.

You might also consider a drive up Turkey Lake Drive to Sand Lake Drive where there is a Whole Foods. That's about 10 minutes from Disney property. They have the better coffee beans you're probably looking for.
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Well, my taste in wine is the opposite of yours, but two brands of "super-cheap" and "cheap" wines I like: Super-cheap, good wine: Pepperwood Merlot. Cheap, good wine: Rex Goliath (any grape).
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I also like Lindeman's, and would recommend any of the Jacob's Creek reds, usually in the $10 range.

Maybe it would be easier to bring your own ground coffee in a ziplock if you're pretty particular about it? Should be easy to pack.
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I'm not sure on the Albertsons closest to Disney, but I know there's a Publix in Championsgate which is just a few exits south of WDW and Lake Buena Vista with a liquor store attached.

I believe it's fairly close, but I'm about 45 minutes north of Disney, so whenever I trek down there and I see Disney, I know I'm close.
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I live about 5 minutes from Disney. If you want to MeMail me the neighborhood where you're staying, I can tell you exactly to get the goods. :-)
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Apparently, I'm a dunce. *sigh* You said you're staying on-site. The brands you name are available at all the Publix grocery stores around here. This winery is in Disney's backyard and has very reasonably priced local wines that are quite good.

As for coffee, our Publix also carries bulk coffee beans but I can't say how good it is (not very, I'm guessing). There are several gourmet coffee shops in the area, as well as places in the Prime Outlet Mall right outside Disney that sell coffee in bean form.

Feel free to MeMail me if you need any tips while you're here. Enjoy your vacation!
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