XBMC: to upgrade or not to upgrade?
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XBMC on XBox Classic Users: It's been a long long time since I upgraded the XBMC on my XBOX. Is it worth it for me to upgrade to the latest t3ch version 2009-12-09? Any cool new features on the xbox build. I just can't bring myself to read through the change logs with every miniscule svn commit in it.

The version I currently have (the folder dates say Feb 15, 2009 if that is an indicator) is closing in on a year old. It's adequate for my current uses of playing videos and music but a lot of things on it are slightly broken. The apple movie previews don't work, IMDB movie info is broken. There are also whole swaths of my mp3 collection that it won't play (I haven't figured out what distinguishes these mp3 files from others that work - cleaning it up is my end of holidays project)

I've never really done much with the library organization - i don't keep movie or tv files after watching them so I haven't set up any of the scrapers but I think I might do that as well.

Are there any cool modifications you have made? Useful scripts? Any tips or warnings for the upgrading?
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I just upgraded from probably the same version you have now (a Feb '09 build) to the 2009-12-09 build about a week ago. I can't speak for any new or cool features but will say that I went from hearing a near constant stream of "The xbox is broken!" or "Videos aren't working on the xbox again!" from the girlfriend to hearing no complaints so something important has been fixed in the last year (these are standard Xvid filed streamed over a wireless network). Worth the five minutes work in my opinion.
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It is prolly worth an upgrade, but I would leave the original install installed by renameing the folder just incase you find the newest SVN build is buggy for you.

Over the year lots of small things have improved. Though according to this thread on the official forum development for the original xbox platform has slowed a lot.
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I just upgraded from about a year old install and the big thing for me was that there are a lot of new, really awesome themes that only work with the more recent builds. I can't remember what one I'm using now, but it is wayyyyyyy better than anything available a year ago. Also it seems more stable. Just save your old folder and try out the new one.
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So are Apple trailers working again? That's pretty much the only thing that'd get me to upgrade.
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obiwanwasabi: As far as I can tell from my minor tinkering, the Apple movie trailers plugin still doesn't work. It loads all of the info fine, but fails to actually play anything.
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