It is possible to bulk up one's *face*?
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Fitness experts: I'm rounding back into shape, but my face looks better when I'm a little fatter. This sounds so stupid I can't believe I'm typing it, but is there any way to bulk up my face?

I'm male, 6'2", back at my comfortable 185. Now I've turned my attention to bulking up a bit. Is there anything I can do about my face? It looked much better when I was 200-205.

I guess I should add that I am by no means vain or anything like that. I just thought I'd check with the smart folks here and see if they had any interesting ideas.

- AJ
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Apparently there is no way to fatten up your face exclusively (In fact, you can't impact fat distribution without lipo.... it goes where it goes, in set order ).

Women have been having this issue for years. Someone once said that you have to choose your face or your arse to look good... you'll never be able to have both simultaneously. (I've gone for face.)
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There are ways to exercise the facial muscles but you have to know what you are doing and take it easy.
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Maybe you can put on more lean muscle mass? At 6'2, you might be able to carry more weight. Maybe 185 isn't for you.
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This is not a stupid question. You can bulk up the face. When I had a bulkier neck and shoulders than I have now, my face was also bulkier.
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Start lifting heavy weights and eating lots of protein in order to gain muscle. Your overall bodyfat percentage should remain the same or even drop, but because fat is distributed more or less evenly, your face will plump out. This is why a ripped 215 lb. dude will often have a fatter face than a skinny 170 lb. one (and why football players, while being in great shape, don't typically have chiseled male model facial features).
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Er. meant to say why a ripped but heavier dude will nonethless have a fatter face than a lighter one with a higher bodyfat percentage.
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taff is right, you can't control your fat distribution. 6'2" and 185 is pretty light -- gaining muscle will probably make your body look better, and you'll gain some fat along with it, which may make you happier with how your face looks.
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A good moisturizer will plump the skin and make your face look smoother and a bit fuller. Petroleum based products (Vaseline is the classic example) are particularly good at plumping the skin but many people don't use them for health/ allergy reasons. These days you can find moisturizers that do not contain petroleum based products but still work fairly well, just go to any cosmetics counter and ask around.
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I laughed very hard at your question, until I realised I too would look better with a bulkier face.
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Can you spot reduce fat from your Calf? or midsection? Nope.

You can't spot gain fat in a part of your body either.
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