I didn't want to wait in that line anyway.
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If I fill out all the paperwork, can I have someone else go to the DMV and hand them in to my registration and plates?

I am in Massachusetts, just bought a (used) car from a private party. I have the title and RMV-1 forms filled out with insurance stamp (do I need anything else?). Because I have to work on Monday, and need this done ASAP, I am wondering if I can give a friend of mine the money and paperwork and have him go do it for me. Or, is there any reason I would need to be physically present in order for them to hand over the plates and registration? Thanks!
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Only if you grant them power of attorney. When I worked briefly for a Big Consulting Company, they had a concierge group that listed this as one of their services. I used them to do this, but only once. Since then, I've just taken it as one of those things I can do myself.

(Note: This might only be legal in my state.)
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I'm in MA as well, and my insurance agent has done this for me in the past. I think you have to have an agent in this state, so if yours is close by, check and see if s/he will do this for you. They generally have runners who go to the DMV at least once per day.
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we've had the insurance agent do this sort of thing in the past as well...i kinda thought the insurance agent HAD to do this kind of thing for you in MA (although I have been set straight)...
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Response by poster: Right, so my question is does the insurance agent / dealer have some kind of special status? Or is there a particular form I must sign to release liability to them? Or could just anyone walk in and do it for you?
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Response by poster: As it turns out, I got this done and I still don't have a good answer. I sent my friend off today with all the necessary paperwork. He told me that he got to the clerk, they asked if he was me, he said yes, they gave him a look, and give him the registration and the plates. He had been waiting in line for over an hour and was clearly in no mood to be told he has wasted his time, but the question as to whether they would have given the registration to him if he had admitted to being a third party remains open. I will attempt to contact the RMV / DMV this week and get a final answer for posterity.
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