What top 10 techie lists do you know of?
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What "top n techie" lists do you know of? I'm specifically after lists of the movers and shakers in the tech scene, rather than the cutest a la Violet Blue, but hottest geek lists are also interesting. I'm not bothered about time frame - I'd like to see lists from top geeks of 2009 to top geeks of all time.
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Lifehacker just ran a bunch of "tops of 2009" lists, and they're mostly tech-oriented. Same with Apartment Therapy's Unplggd.
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Oh, you mean tech-related people. Oops.
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For (academic) computer science, there's the ACM's Turing award, given every year to "an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community. The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field".
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