I am not a smart man, but I know what Converse shoe repair is
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Converse All-Stars shoe repair ideas?

My year-old pair of Converse All-Stars are starting to rip along the sides, where the cloth meets the sides of the rubber soles. (one rip is roughly 1.5" long).

I have my replacement pair, but I'd like to keep this pair to bum around in... is there any good, cheap, dependable, simple way to repair these rips? I'm thinking of some kind of rugged patch with cloth backing which could be applied to the interior of the shoe, re-connecting the cloth with the sole from the inside.

(It's probably pointless, and I'll have to chuck them, but I thought I'd ask if anyone had a solution. With the current quality of All-Stars, this problem must come up pretty often)
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i've never found a fix for this. i prolong it by trying to have 2 active pairs of chucks at any one time, maybe bought 6 months apart, so one pair doesn't get all the wear and tear.
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A good fix if you're not going to be walking around in puddles, I've had success with temporary (4+ weeks) success with applying a patch of moleskin on the inside of the tear (inside the shoe) and then a quick whip stitch along the outside tear.
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Duct tape.
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The Walmart here carries a tube of tennis shoe repair stuff called "Shoe Goo" that might work for you. It only costs a couple of dollars, and the goo is clear. The patch may be obvious but if they are for bumming around it may not matter.
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Duct tape is the historically correct answer.
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I've never even owned a pair, but I came in here to say that duct tape is what people normally use.
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My SO goes through Chucks like crazy. At least 3 pairs a year, and they all rip right where you're describing. They don't make them like they used to. He's tried everything, and duct tape is about the only thing that works for more than a day or two. Even then, it's a very temporary fix. I recommend a Converse outlet store where if you're lucky the shoes can be replaced for $20.
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Ditto Duct tape. I have used this solution since 1972. Seriously. Twice around the shoe and you are good to go for a while.
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If you're worried about aesthetics, go for colored duct tape.
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Shoe Goo FTW.
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The duct tape is probably the most cost efficient fix, but take into consideration that 'guy wearing chucks' and 'guy wearing chucks with duct tape on' create different impressions (at least on me).

They're not massively expensive. If you need two pairs then its probably worth just buying another new pair.
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Chucks are notorious for this. I wouldn't really worry about it. I have my bummin' pair, and there are matching holes on each pair where my pinky toe rubs the shoe wall. I still wear them, but just for junk work. I actually refer to them as "My Busted Chucks" and use them for chore work. Embrace the wear and tear, it's the sign of a well loved shoe!
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Embrace and in fact enhance the wear and tear with coloured duct tape, shoe goo'ed on patches, add some Sharpie embellishments, go with all of these together and make a new look of patchwork Chucks. Better still, do this once you have 2 pairs of different colour worn out shoes and wear one from each pair together as a multi colour new look.
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Once the fabric starts to pull from the rest of the shoe, the Chuck is in its final death throes. You can put it on life support via duct tape, but that will merely prolong the suffering. Death will still come.
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For my feet and wear patterns, the Achilles Heel of Chucks is the actual heel. But yeah, for the seam tear Shoe Goo can prolong life a little bit, and duct tape can hold them together, but once the integrity goes that first time any repair you do will change the way they feel on your feet, and why they feel so good, and then the end is near.

You'd be best off buying a new pair a hundred miles or so before the old ones reach the critical stage - then you can break in the new ones and break down the old ones simultaneously, without having either job mess up your feet or your life too much.

Chucks are an evanescent joy - don't try to artificially prolong their life.
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